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Alles offen

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Mein Gott hilf mir, diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben

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Amour, Paix

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O Povo Unido Nunca Mais Sera Veicido

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Umleitung in den japanischen Sektor

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for Art is a
daughter of Freedom
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller


East Side Gallery &
UNESCO-world heritage site
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Questions &  Answers


What chance does East Side Gallerry have of being declared a UNESCO world heritage site?

»East Side Gallery has a very high chance of becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site, if the Berlin Senate proposes this former section of the Berlin Wall as a political monument.«

Prof Dr Leo Schmidt, a conservationist of historic monuments and expert for the International Council on Monuments and sites(ICOMOS)as well as holder of the Chair for the Preservation of Ancient Monuments and historic sites at the BTU (Brandenburg University of Technology) Cottbus-Senftenberg holds the following view as quoted in an Interview with the Berliner Zeitung (a Berlin newspaper) on 2.4.2013

Question: »In Berlin, the former Stalin Allee and the Hansa Quarter were suggested as UNESCO world heritage sites, would the East Side Gallery not be a better candidate?«


I have been asking colleagues in the International Council on Monuments and site organisation (ICOMOS ) since 2001: what do you think about declaring the remainder of the Berlin Wall as a UNESCO World Heritage site? The response was quite explicit: if you Germans would finally get round to proposing it, it would be accepted immediately.

Link to the interview: Interviev (german) | Interviev (english - Google Translator)

Who can nominate the ESG for the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site procedure?

In Germany, the Federal States each put forward two potential world heritage sites to the Minister for Education’s conference (KMK). The Minister for Education conference evaluates these suggestions and creates a single German Proposal list (Tentative list) which it sends to the UNESCO World Heritage centre office in Paris.

When does the nomination for ESG as a World Heritage site need to be in?

Suggestions for admissions to UNESCO World Heritage sites can be made at irregular intervals every 5 to 10 years. The last procedure for proposals was concluded on 12. June 2014 by the Education Minister Conference (KMK).

However, according to a report in the Berliner Zeitung (a Berlin Newspaper) on 23. June 2014, the next selection process is thought to be taking place in 2018.

Link to the interview report: german | english (Google Translator)

Does the Berlin Senate’s continued building on the former death strip fit in with the world heritage site status of ESG?

That is difficult to say.

Certainly the Berlin Senate’s continued construction plans on the former death strip behind East Side Gallery- the completed “luxury tower” Living Levels as well as the planned hotel complex Waterfront Living, significantly alter the visual impression along the Gallery to the Kreuzberg Riverbank. The East Side Gallery being part of the Berlin Wall, is a former Border installation and must, at least in its overall impression, be visible as such.

The building of a bridge over the Elb valley next to the former world cultural heritage site “Blue Wonder” in Dresden has shown how critical such encroachment into the immediate area of a world cultural heritage site can be.

Is the construction at the East Side Gallery in breach of the legislation related to historic monuments?

In 2013, a Critical Analysis by the alliance »East Side Gallery retten!« (»Save East Side Gallery!«) found that all the construction projects on the former death strip behind the East Side Gallery are in breach of the prevailing Berlin Protection of Historic Monuments law. § 10 Historic Monument law forbids any development in the immediate area of the historic Monument East Side Gallery.

Link to Critical Analysis: german (PDF | 1.6 MB)

What can be done to get the East Side Gallery accepted as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site?

The Berliner Senate must:

  • • nominate the »East Side Gallery«, at the latest by 2018, as one of both Berlin's nominations for new, potential World Heritage sites.
  • • Prohibit any further development on the former death strip behind the gallery in order to protect the immediate area of the »East Side Gallery«.

Art  is Free.
Richard Wagner


The longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall
A symbol for the peaceful
of the Cold War
A Symbol for the peaceful fall of  Walls,
Freedom and Joy

East Side Impressions | Flickr

East Side Gallery in numbers

5 mill

visitors a year


5th place among the 100 most popular tourist destinations in Germany


5th place among the 100 most popular tourist destinations in Germany


8th place among the 100 most popular tourist destinations in Germany


1.316 kilometres long


participating artists


year created – renovated in 2009


remaining original painting from 1990

Freedom  is like a
delicate, flickering  flame
which must be
fannedand protected
and continuously nourished
by our thoughts and deeds.

Thought Provoking Suggestions for a »Living Monument to Joy« — East Side Gallery, Download [ PDF | 73 kB ]


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